Why use Crypto?


For several years a bank account is no longer necessary to have digital money. If the security recommendations are followed, it is possible to make transactions or investments from the cell phone in cryptocurrencies.

The advantages of using cryptocurrencies are:

-    You can buy or sell in stable cryptocurrencies such as USDT, USDC or BUSD (their price is the same as the dollar).

-    You can buy or sell in famous cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin - BTC, Ethereum - ETH or Litecoin - LTC.

-    You can convert fiat money (traditional) into digital currency (crypto) and vice versa.

-    It doesn't matter if you have investments in PancakeSwap - CAKE, Polkadot - DOT, Cardano - ADA, Automata - ATA, Dogecoin - DOGE, Shiba Inu - SHIBA or other; you can convert almost any cryptocurrency into another that they receive at the merchant store or website where you want to make a transaction.

-    Transactions are fast and their cost is low (even outside the country), excess money in the wallet is avoided, among others.

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Author 2021-07-03