When to buy and sell cryptocurrencies


The most basic principle to keep in mind is: buy when the price is down and sell when the price is up. Depending on the way of investing, likewise the frequency of buying and selling is higher or lower.


Can you imagine achieving 50% profit in less than 2 months? By trading you can achieve it. Can you imagine achieving 80% profit in a year with very low risk? By holding you can do it. There are other ways such as staking or farming but it is important that you investigate the behavior of the digital currency, that of the market and be aware of the pronounced rises or falls in price since in the case of farming it is necessary to prevent impermanent loss.


Hopefully you do not stay trapped for a long time in a price drop because you will not be able to move the money to another profitable project because you will lose value.


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Author 2021-07-03