The best option to stay on vacation


If you remember, sometimes you were trapped with your hotel reservation, you paid large commissions in the exchange of your currency and for extra accommodation and, also because of the location of the hotel, it was difficult to move around.

Now with the trend of renting apartments, your trips can be easier and calmer. Here are some of the benefits:

1. Savings: renting an apartment is more economical  to travel with your family at a lower cost. In addition to being better located, you save money on transportation and food.

2. Speed and low commissions: if you decide to rent an apartment, the booking process is faster and you can find different options and pay fewer commissions.

3. Payments in cryptocurrencies: if you are familiar with the crypto market, you can make your reservations and purchases directly from your cell phone, without depending on banks, with lower commissions and instant transactions.

4. Localized diversity: staying in a central location is a much more enriching experience, because you have contact with local people and access to better market offers.

Author 2021-07-03