How to Use Cryptocurrency to Buy Things to Travel


In essence there are 3 scenarios: using a credit or debit card, transferring crypto to euros or dollars in our bank account, transferring digital currencies to the “other cryptocurrency wallet” by public adress or QR code. In the case of the card, it applies to countries where its issuance has been approved to manage funds in cryptocurrencies in addition to fiat money (euro, dollar, among others). In these cases, the owner can use the debit or credit card as if it were a traditional card.


For the alternative of transferring cryptos to euros or dollars, the bank must have this option enabled for the account and that’s it, you can pay in the local currency. The last option is to transfer cryptocurrencies between wallets. In this case, you just have to be careful in the transfer direction of the other wallet so that the money arrives without problems. There is even the option to scan the QR code to obtain the transfer address, an even more secure method.


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Author 2021-07-03