Crypto vs Stocks, Part One


Before cryptocurrencies, stocks were the highest-risk investments. However, in less than ten months, Elon Musk made more money than Warren Buffett in his entire life (October 2021), a person dedicated to the stock market and traditional businesses. Something is happening with innovative companies in the area of ??technology today.


Although we are talking about speculation, regulation, and mechanisms to earn money from investment, it varies from one option to the other. Stock market returns are traditionally on the order of 20% annually, while with cryptocurrencies, you can "easily" earn more than 100% in the year. The price variation is also more pronounced in crypto. However, there are stable tokens, stablecoins, which set their value equal to the US dollar to avoid fluctuating the value of an investment over time.


ULand, clarifying concepts of the crypto world!

Author 2021-07-03