Crypto vs Stocks, Part Two


Each share generates a capital gain in the stock market or increases it when trading or distributing dividends. It is similar to what happens with cryptocurrencies, higher obtained profits. However, in the case of cryptocurrencies, there is a specific moment while listed for trading them that generates a much higher yield than all the forms of existing investments so far: the famous Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or its derivatives. The values ??reach an impressive 100% or up to 1000% in a matter of seconds. But your risk is by far the greatest.


Perhaps the most marked difference occurs in the exchange. Few stocks trade shares centrally, and listed companies can happen in one exchange system. Cryptocurrencies do not have that level of technicality with exchanges because they do not need an intermediary to organize the information and the prices of the assets. Advantage or not, the above causes the price to be fixed in a non-centralized way, subject to the market and the participating traders.


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Author 2021-07-03