Chivo Wallet, El Salvadorīs Official Wallet


As an incentive to encourage Salvadorans to download the app and use Bitcoin, the government gives away $ 30 USD that cannot be converted into cash. Only Salvadorans with DUI (Unique Identity Document) or with an El Salvador passport can register in the Chivo Wallet.


However, the president's efforts to carry out this initiative seem to be in the beta phase, since the comments about Chivo Wallet in the Play Store speak of compatibility problems with their cell phones and various bugs or errors that still occur in the application, as early October. Its rating is 3 stars with 7,771 ratings made so far. In the case of the App Store, the story is similar, although they have a 4.1 star rating with more than 1,900 reviews. Currently (01 / Oct / 2021) the application is in its first version (1.0). 


Due to these problems, several people are hesitating to use Chivo Wallet for fear of losing their money when depositing or making payments. However, users are aware that it is the first version so you have to be patient while the bugs are corrected.

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Author 2021-07-03