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100$ to the last Bidder 08.04

Bid Offer Price:1000 UTED
City of origin of product:xxx

Bidding war Auction Game is simple. 

  • You can Bid as many times you like and each Bid costs You 1000 UTED.
  • After You Bid, the auction will extend one more minute. 
  • If Your Bid is the last, You WIN The Game and get the prize!

This Auction Game Grand Prize is 100 USDT

BIDDING STARTS - 8th April, 13.00 UTC.

Then the moment when BID starts You have 1 minute to make a BID.
if You are only Bidder and the Bid price is 1000 UTED. You will get the prize. 
If someone is Bidding after You, the timer will Run another 60 seconds.
If You Bid second time and Bid is 1000 UTED. And You are the last Bidder, Then You spent 2x1000 UTED and WON the prize of 100 USD in BTC.

First 5 and last 5 Bidders will get The reimbursement of all the tokens what they spent on Bidding Up to 100 000 UTED EACH.

Offer Bid List

Price Expiration From Status
1000 UTED 7 months YOU WON Won
1000 UTED 7 months account balance 600 000 uted Missed
1000 UTED 7 months Yanoshi Utedoto Missed
1000 UTED 7 months YOU WON Missed
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